Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spring Recital

Grace's Spring piano recital was extra special this year because Mrs. Maupin came.  Grace has loved Mrs. Maupin since her first day of music in kindergarten.  Mrs. Maupin has been one of Grace's biggest supporters.  It was very special to have her at the recital to support Grace.
 Grace's piano playing is going great.  She is still loving it and picking it up very quickly.  She doesn't even complain when it is time to practice.  We are hoping maybe her musical abilities will help pay for college.

A new challenge

Back in August Grace made a new friend at Uncle David and Aunt DG's wedding, Ingrid.
 Ingrid played the violin at the wedding and Grace fell in love.  After lots of convincing and thinking we finally said yes.  And so began Grace's relationship with the violin.  

The violin has been a challenge but Grace is loving it.  She has taken the challenge with great determination and her teacher says learning to play the violin may be the biggest challenge she ever faces.  

Foster Park

We took our annual trip to Foster Park to see the flowers.  While we were there we did a little photo shoot.

Hilton Head 2015

The long awaited trip to Hilton Head came.  Grace wrote about, remembered and dreamed of this week since we left last year. It was everything and more that she had hopped for.  Swimming, cousin time, sunrises, and more cousin time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The best day of my life!

She lost a tooth!  Plus she reported there are 3 more that are loose!  

The next Beethoven?

Grace loves anything that has anything to do with piano.  Not once have we had to fight her to practice.  She has a knack for music.  Her piano teacher would not give her a recital song until 2 weeks before the recital because she knew she would master it quickly and become bored of it if she worked on the song longer.  This time around she memorized her piece "Away in a Manger" and played a duet with her teacher.

Flower Girl Debut

Uncle David and DG got married!  Now she is Aunt DG.  Grace was asked to be a flower girl and then promoted to a bell ringer.  She took her job very seriously.

She loved the dress Emmy made her.  

She loved the reception and danced her heart out. 

Most of all she adores her new aunt.