Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The best day of my life!

She lost a tooth!  Plus she reported there are 3 more that are loose!  

The next Beethoven?

Grace loves anything that has anything to do with piano.  Not once have we had to fight her to practice.  She has a knack for music.  Her piano teacher would not give her a recital song until 2 weeks before the recital because she knew she would master it quickly and become bored of it if she worked on the song longer.  This time around she memorized her piece "Away in a Manger" and played a duet with her teacher.

Flower Girl Debut

Uncle David and DG got married!  Now she is Aunt DG.  Grace was asked to be a flower girl and then promoted to a bell ringer.  She took her job very seriously.

She loved the dress Emmy made her.  

She loved the reception and danced her heart out. 

Most of all she adores her new aunt.  

Monarch Festival 2014

The Monarch Festival was all that and more this year.  Grace FINALLY saw an actual monarch butterfly up close and personal.  She stood in awe for at least 10 minutes just staring.  

They had the same stations as last year except this year Caroline came along for the adventure.  Caroline was just as interested as Grace  

Not only sisters but lepadoptrists as well!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First grade here she comes!

First Grade rocks,
There's lots to do!
First Grade rocks, 
For me and you!
First Grade rocks,
It's so much fun!
First Grade rocks,

Rio 2016 here she comes...

This summer has been the summer of swimming for Grace.  What started as a summer of being nervous to get her face wet turned into swimming the entire length of the pool and swimming in 11 feet of water!  

Grace has decided that next summer she wants to swim on the prep team.  Michael Phelps and Ryan Locktee have nothing on this girl.  


Pocco we will be back next summer!  

The Lepadoptrist is 6!

This may have been my favorite birthday party of Grace's thus far.  I'm not sure if it was the simplicity of the planning or the excitement of the party events.  Since about last September Grace knew she wanted a butterfly party.  I thought the idea would pass but instead it grew and grew.  The planning stages were a little rocky but quickly turned into caterpillar grapes, butterfly crackers with cheese and butterfly cupcakes. The cousins arrived and it was time to celebrate!  

The best part was the release of the butterflies we had raised from chrysalises.  The painted ladies didn't want to leave us they seemed to want to stay.  Maybe someday their great great great granddaughters will come back to visit?

Here's to another year of adventures Grace!