Sunday, March 3, 2013

School just keeps getting better

In the eyes of Grace there are few things better than a morning at school.  This month brought many adventures at school:  a Valentine's Day, 100th day of school, Dad's night and Transition day.

Up first was Valentine's Day.  Grace loved picking out valentine's for friends.  She gave each of the them a crayon roll and coloring book.  The Valentine's party was combined with the 100th day of school celebration as well.
Ready for the party.
Taking 100 steps in the hallway
Exchanging 100 pennies for $1
A plate of 100 snacks
Counting to 100

Decorating the house for a Valentine's Day party
Heart-shaped pizza
Showing grandma all her valentines
Playing Aggravation with grandpa and grandma
Next up was the long awaited Dad's night at school.  Mommas were not allowed!  However, it was ok to tell momma about the secret things that were planned.  
Ready to go
Dinner at McDonalds first
Signing songs
Playing the African drums

Her theatrical debut as "Little Bush Deer" 
Building with "magic noodles"
The Amazing Mrs. Wagoner!  
The fun went on until 8:30!  One little tired girl came home from Dad's night and said, "That was the best night ever!"  

A week later was Transition Day.  This meant that Grace got to stay at school until 1:30 to get a glimpse of what a full day of school would be like in kindergarten.  She
had informed Mrs. Wagoner that she would need to take her to Lincoln because she would not be going to kindergarten at Canterbury because she was going to go to school with her mommy  Mrs. Wagoner told her she thought she would be ok with staying a Canterbury for the day because they do a lot of the same things that Lincoln does.  After Grace got in the car at the end of the day I asked her how the day was and she said, "I didn't want to stay that long I just wanted to stay for lunch!"  I later said "Well when you go to Lincoln in the Fall you will have to stay longer than you did today."  She said, "I know momma but I will be 5 by then!"  I guess 6 months can make a big difference!

I continue to wonder what Grace's years of school with bring for her.  I hope her love for learning continues to grow.

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